Testimonials from the Schools

“What do the schools have to say about the Media Studies Roadshow incursions?"

"For many years now, the Year 5 students at Park Ridge Primary School have participated in a Media Fun Day run by Media Studies Roadshow, and it is without doubt the highlight of their year.
The students are highly motivated when it comes to planning and preparing their TV and Radio show segments, and when the big recording day arrives, the air is full of excitement and energy.
Everyone loves being a TV star for the day!
As a teacher, it is so rewarding to see each student’s confidence grow with every rehearsal and then blossom on the actual Media Fun Day when they get to perform under lights and in front of the cameras.
It is an extremely educational and worthwhile learning experience for everyone involved and I highly recommend it to any school."

Elaine McClure (Teacher- Park Ridge Primary School)

"We cannot express our gratitude enough to Michael for coming out and working with the year 6 teachers and students on filming.
The day was run brilliantly and well targeted at the needs and interests of the students and teachers.
The day was divided up into workshops where Michael gave the students tips and strategies they could use to ensure they created films of a quality well beyond anything I had previously thought them capable of.
He covered a variety of useful topics from appropriate plots, to constructing a script to the types of camera shots and techniques the students could use, also allowing them time to practise applying these new skills.
At the end of the day the students and teachers were able to walk away with a wealth of knowledge and easy to follow, logical strategies that we could immediately put into action.
This was a notable contrast to previous years where the filming process with the year 6s has become quite chaotic and unstructured.
This time instead of feeling stressed we have all enjoyed the filming process feeling like everyone involved is aware of the processes and strategies to follow in order to produce the best result possible and most importantly the kids have loved it all and been incredibly proud of their work.”

(Teacher - Wembley Primary School)

"The last activity we did was a green screen TV show.
This was great fun and I enjoyed myself massively.
I love how with a green screen you can put just about any picture behind you.
It was fun not knowing what was going to be put behind you and then laughing when you did.
In conclusion I would definitely put the media road show incursion day on my top 20 days in life so far, and that’s saying something!”

Tess Jenkins, Year 6 Age 11

"Finally we made a stop motion animation where we got to work with partners and make our own backgrounds and cut out characters.
My partner and I made a female rhino do a backflip in the Savannah then charge into a tree.
At the end some of us put our head under the camera and we took pictures of our selves making silly faces.
I now know that a green screen turns anything green into your selected background.
I really enjoyed the media road show incursion and I think I have learnt a lot from it.
I hope we do something similar next year.”

Lewis Jan Year 6 Age 11
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