How Does an Incursion Work?

School Incursions

Hollywood Comes
to Your School

Hollywood comes to your school

How does an incursion day work?

Typically, each program has three activities that all students will rotate through during the course of the day.

All packages comprise of one video activity, one audio activity & animation production.

Each activity is completed during the session and available for playback immediately. Each school will be left with an MPEG4 video file of the video and animation activities.

Schools will also be left with MP3 audio files of the radio shows.

If you have 3 classes, you can do a whole day program involving 3 rotations. If you have 2 classes, you can do 2 activities and finish at lunchtime or pay the minimum fee and do 3 activities.

If you have more than 3 classes, sessions can be extended over two or three days.


Preparation varies from package to package. While most programs can be done with no preparation, preparation is recommended as it will make the incursion day run smoother. In most cases, you can be fully prepared for an activity in one hour.

For the grades Prep, One and Two package, there is no preparation.

Ring Michael to talk about your schools special needs.

“It’s so easy! – Comprehensive preparation notes will be sent to you.”

Students can watch the sample TV shows and animations on this website.

Our Packages

100% Hands on Production Activities

Green Screen Television Studio

Welcome to the world of TV magic, when a Green Screen TV studio is set up in a hall,  general purpose room or a large classroom. 

Students perform in front of the Green Screen and pre-recorded backgrounds are superimposed live for the rest of the class to see. 

Segments include news items, interviews, advertisements, game shows, trivia facts, comedy, singing, dancing and lots more. 

The finished product is available for immediate playback and looks like real TV.

 You’ll be amazed. 

Film Making Programs

These programs are specifically designed to get grade 5 & 6 students making narrative films on ipads and video cameras. 

All sessions will involve practical demonstrations incorporating numerous basic production techniques.

Students will observe the whole production process on a large TV via a video cable connected to the camera we use to film the demonstrations. Explanations are given by Michael as each shot is constructed. 

We guarantee that both teachers and students alike will be left feeling empowered, confident and ready to get started on their first project.

Radio Recording Studio

We set up a small studio with 2 microphones and a mixer.

The system is simple to use and will be conducted by your teachers who will receive training before school. 

Programs include simple audio activities for preps through to a talkback radio show for grade five and six classes. 

Teachers will be trained before school in how to use the equipment.

Stop Motion Animation

An area at the front of the classroom will be set up for an animation stand.

Students will draw backgrounds and make a cut-out figure to move across the background. 

Teachers will be trained before school in how to use the animation camera.

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